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Israel: bill in Knesset would ban sports using animals

25 Jul

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Source:The Jerusalem Post
BySharon Udasin

MK Yisrael Hasson (Kadima) recently submitted a bill seeking to eradicate the phenomenon of betting on animals in Israel, Hakol Chai – an organization to prevent animal suffering – announced on Monday evening.

The purpose of the bill is to end “immoral acts” to animals that often occur as a result of gambling, such as doping, irreversible physical injuries and even death, Hakol Chai explained.

If passed, the bill would make violators of the prohibition subject to a fine or up to one year in prison, the organization said.

While drafted by Hakol Chai in collaboration with Hasson, the bill has received support from eight Knesset members from across the political spectrum: Dov Lipman (Yesh Atid), Amram Mitzna (Hatnua), Dov Henin (Hadash), Eitan Cabel (Labor), David Azoulay (Shas), Tamar Zandberg (Meretz), Itzik Shmuli (Labor) and Hilik Bar (Labor).

“World experience shows that in…

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Expose rodeo cruelty

22 Jul

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We need your help to expose the truth about cruelty in rodeos …

Rodeos are an American creation that have made their way to Australia. Some people try to justify rodeos as being an occasion for bush-dwellers to show off their skills. The truth though is that rodeos involve unnecessary cruelty to animals. It is for this reason that they are banned in the UK, several countries in Europe and even in the Australian Capital Territory.

Despite the ACT’s compassionate lead, rodeos still take place in all other Australian states and territories. At these events calves can be dragged by a rope around their necks, and stressed horses and bulls may slam into fences and gates. Broken bones and the deliberate provocation of animals add to the misery endured by animals at these events.

The tide has turned though against rodeos. Community pressure has already prompted major businesses like Kmart…

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They Die Piece By Piece

22 Jul

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RELATED, Meet Your Meat Warning, Graphic

Editor’s Note:Although Temple Grandin is referenced as an expert in the “humane” treatment of animals, OC adamantly disagrees with such a distinction. No animal, human or non-human, can be characterized as treated humanely if killed violently, exploitatively. The only humane observance is veganism; if you think otherwise, then you have no problem with the deliberate, premature, and bloody murder of human animals as long as they get knocked in the head 50 times out of 100.

Ten billion animals are killed annually for food, just in the United States, and that figure does not include marine, testing, and fur victims. Ten billion. There are no humane standards; the Animal Welfare Act specifically EXCLUDES animals commodified for food. Think about that.

Please understand that the animals about whom you may care – cats and dogs – are no different than animals you eat. Please…

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US Friends, The Dangerous King Amendment to the Farm Bill is Back

19 Jul

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Please click here to ask your Senators and Representatives to oppose the King Amendment to the 2013 Farm Bill.

The revamped Farm Bill, including the highly controversial King Amendment, was approved by the House last Thursday. House-Senate negotiators are now working to resolve the differences between their bills. Please ask your Senators and Representatives to reject the King Amendment to the 2013 Farm Bill. The King Amendment, proposed by Representative Steve King of Iowa, claims to protect interstate commerce, but in reality it is designed to undermine animal welfare laws enacted by individual states. King states on his website that he is specifically targeting the California law which will only allow eggs to be sold from hens housed in less restrictive cages, as specified by the state, by 2014.

Ninety-five percent of egg-laying hens spend their entire short, miserable lives crammed into tiny cages with as many as ten hens…

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People to Know: Fur-Bearer Defenders

19 Jul

Urge Philippine officials to stop horrific “crush” videos and hold the perverts who make them accountable

18 Jul

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PETA Asia (helped by PETA affiliates around the world) has been working hard to shut down the production of cruel “crush” videos, disturbing films in which young girls in “sexy” outfits are videotaped tormenting, abusing, and killing animals—slowly and painfully.

Will you help stop the production of these ghastly videos by taking action online right now?

For more than two years, PETA Asia has been working to end the production, distribution, and sale of these videos, which exploit two of the most vulnerable members of any society—children and animals—and has focused its efforts in the region that may be “ground zero” for the crush-video industry, the Philippines.

These crush videos are made by filming girls stepping, standing, and stomping on and slowly crushing animals—from the smallest of mice to large dogs who are tied down and helpless. They appeal to a niche market of individuals from all over the world…

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Stop Virginia Running of the Bulls Event

15 Jul

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After having been loaded onto trucks, potentially driven hundreds or thousands of miles, and herded into an arena filled with hundreds of screaming people, bulls used for running events will bolt out of the pen in panic when the starting gate opens.

When running out of the pen, the animals risk crashing into barriers, falling and breaking their legs, or colliding with and injuring each other.

Despite receiving information from PETA about the cruelty inherent in the Running of the Bulls, Virginia Motorsports Park refuses to consider humane alternatives to its planned events, in which live bulls will be forced to participate in a bull run.

Please politely call or e-mail Bryan Pierce, the general manager at Virginia Motorsports Park, and politely ask him to drop this cruel, dangerous event.


Bryan Pierce


Dear General Manager Pierce,

Please cancel the Running of the…

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URGENT: Pigs Who Will Be Violently Exploited at Festival Need Your Voice

15 Jul


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Social, intelligent, and loyal, pigs are highly sensitive animals who enjoy communicating with each other, making nests, and relaxing in the sun. But on July 20, the Empress Daze festival in the Canadian town of Empress, Alberta, has scheduled a “greased pig” contest, during which a young animal will be frantically chased, grabbed at, and tackled again and again in a pen lined with screaming crowds. Being trucked to and fro and subjected to the violence and general chaos of these events is a terrifying and hazardous ordeal for pigs, who often sustain severe injuries, such as broken limbs or backs. PETA has asked the festival’s organizer to replace the event with any number of humane alternatives, but to no avail. We need your help today!

Please urge Pat Donaldson, the organizer of the Empress Daze festival, to cancel the “greased pig” event. And please, spread…

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Farm to Fridge – The Truth Behind Meat Production

12 Jul

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Source: Mercy for Animals

Mercy For Animals presents Farm to Fridge. Narrated by Oscar-nominee James Cromwell, this powerful film takes viewers on an eye-opening exploration behind the closed doors of the nation’s largest industrial farms, hatcheries, and slaughter plants — revealing the often-unseen journey that animals make from Farm to Fridge.

Learn more at:

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Second appeal: Please Urge the Cherokee Bear Zoo to Close Cruel Bear Pits

11 Jul

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Home to about a dozen miserable bears, the Cherokee Bear Zoo is a small remote tourist trap located off a highway in North Carolina—blink, and you’ll miss it. The dilapidated roadside attraction keeps these intelligent animals in grossly inhumane conditions. They are confined to virtually barren concrete pits, where they have no other option but to pace back and forth, walk in endless circles, and beg tourists to toss them a morsel of food.

Highly intelligent animals capable of empathy and a wide range of feelings, bears are active for up to 18 hours per day in their natural habitat and spend their time exploring diverse terrain. In the wild, bears forage for a wide variety of foods and dig in soft earth, brush, and leaves—but the concrete pits that the Cherokee bears are forced to call home deprive them of everything that is natural and important to them…

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