12 Jan

great post a must read for al wolf lovers

Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife

Yesterday there was a memorial for the 117 (?) wolves needlessly slaughtered in the Wisconsin wolf killing season. As expected this event triggered “outrage” from the right wing and anti-wolf trolls. The same tired arguments followed such as “What about the children?” “Why don’t you care about the unborn babies?” And more mindless straw man arguments that have nothing to do with the war on wildlife and the slaughtering of wolves. I have a message for these people: Don’t like it? Too bad! We value the 1st Amendment as much as you worship the 2nd. It may be impossible in their world to care about more than one thing but in our world it is not. In fact why will these same people be cheering for millionaire doped up football players running up and down the field throwing a ball this weekend? What about the poor children? Shouldn’t they spend…

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